Menstrual Cup Chronicles: Why I Recommend It + Tips

Okay ladies, let's tackle a topic a lot of us hate discussing: our period. It is an annoying topic for most women due to the reminder of the cramps, bloating and fatigue. Most importantly, we hate that trip to the drug store to grab pads and/or tampons every month as well. Well, I have a good solution to your issue: a menstrual cup. 


A menstrual cup is great because it is cost efficient since it last for close to 10 years (YES, it will hold up for a decade and you can keep it inserted inside for 10-12 hours. Plus, it is healthy for your vagina and for the environment as well. Majority of the commercial pads and tampons contain polyethylene plastic which is an environmentally harmful pollution that end up getting soaked by the Earth and is released as pollution into the groundwater and air. Also, majority of pads and tampons contain chlorine, pesticides and insecticides which is harmful for your body and can lead to cancer and other vaginal and uterine issues. In the US alone, 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons pollute landfills annually. That is an insane number, but with you switching to a menstrual cup, you will no longer be contributing to harming the environment in this way. 

There are a couple of menstrual cup brands available for purchase, however, I am going to share the one I have which is the Luna Cup. It is only $14 on Amazon and come in both a small and a large. Sizes will vary when it comes to a menstrual cup depending on the brand (some brands only have a large aka a one size fit all) so be cautious of this when you order it as well. 




I use a size Large but you can follow the chart above to decide which cup will be best for you. 

Here are some tips I want to give for insertion and sealing:


1. There are a couple of ways to fold and insert the menstrual cup inside your vaginal cavity, however, the punch down fold is the best and easiest way to insert it in my opinion.


I use this method and insert it and have any issues. However, the first couple of times is tricky.

2. I recommend running it under cool water or using coconut oil or lube to insert it the first time. It will make it easier for you if you do tense up while applying it inside of your vaginal cavity.

3. Be relaxed while inserting it inside. When you're tense, your vaginal walls start to close and tighten up which make it difficult to insert it inside of you. 

4. Be comfortable with your bodily fluids and yourself in general. Using a menstrual involves you to get blood on your hands so be ready and okay with that. I do not recommend that you change it in a public bathroom unless you truly do not have a choice due to how messy it can be during removal.

5. Make sure you seal the cup! Sealing the cup means that it is completely popped open inside of you to ensure there wont be any leaks. If it do not instantly pop open when inserted, either 1) tug at the end of the cup and wiggle it around until it pops up, 2) insert your fingers inside your vagina until you feel the rim on the cup and pop it open, or 3) use your fingers and twist the cup around. You will know when it is sealed because you will feel a tiny pop sensation or you can fill around the bottom of the cup and it should full completely round instead of folded.

6. To remove the cup, push down as if you are pooping or pushing out a baby (I know it is weird at first) and use your fingers to grab onto the bottom of the cup and remove it. Dump the blood inside of the cup.

7. Lastly, when it is inside of you, you will not be able to feel it. If you can feel it and it is painful, you did not insert it correctly. You can wear any kind of pants with the menstrual cup inserted as well and it last for up to 12 hrs of protection without leakage. 

Those are all the tips that I have. I hope this post is helpful in your menstrual cup journey. You can leave any questions or comments below if you want to add into the discussion and give extra tips that I possibly left out. Love you guys :)