Spicy Taki Elotes

It is never a bad idea to treat yourself and indulge into a spicy vegan dish. If you know me, you know that I am always down to treat myself since I eat majority whole plant foods and fruit. These Taki elotes are definitely something I recommend you try out. I grew up loving Mexican corn "elotes" so making this one 100% vegan was a dream come true for me. 


This spicy Taki elote surely will take your street corn dreams up a notch but in a good way. Get your mouth ready for this fiery goodness. 


Vegan Spicy Taki Elotes

Corn on a cob/husk

A bag of Taki Fuego flavor, crushed (fuego is one of the only Taki flavors that is vegan. I believe there is another flavor but please make sure you read the label before grabbing)

Chipotle veganise (vegan mayo; I use the Follow Your Heart brand but Hampton Creek makes one as well)

Regular veganise (vegan mayo)

3-4 tbsp lime juice 

Hot sauce (use one of your choice)

Dried or fresh and finely chopped cilantro, optional

Ziplock bag 



Roast the corn on the grill and in the oven. (If using oven, bake on 350F for 30 mins.)

Spread the chipotle veganise on each piece of corn. 

Place the crushed Takis on a plate and roll each piece of corn in the Takis. Use your fingers to press them down a bit to make sure it sticks to the corn. 

Add a couple of drops of hot sauce onto each piece of corn. 

Place a couple of scoops (about 5 tbsp) of regular veganise in a bowl with the lime juice. Mix together and place the mixture into a ziplock bag. Poke a tiny hole in the bag and drizzle the cream onto each piece of corn. 

Sprinkle on the cilantro if you desire to add it.